The Staff of The Blue Moon Internet Corp. would like to warmly welcome you to our system and to the Internet!

You are just a hop, skip and jump away from your own personal connection to everyone, everything and everywhere, all just s few keystrokes away, ready and waiting at your beck and call! The Blue Moon hopes that you will see fit to do us the honor of allowing us to be your personal tour guide on travels beyond your wildest dreams! Whether it be fantasy or reality you seek, you will be able to find it through The Blue Moon. The Future now belongs to you and it is here right now!

Our knowledgable technical support staff can get you up on Blue Moon Internet in literally minutes with a Windows or Macintosh computer!

We think you will find that we are a fast, reliable and affordable service which is dedicated to your satisfaction.

Once validated you will have a Four Day Trial period in which to test-drive the "Information Superhighway" which includes a personal internet E-Mail address, home directory workspace of up to 10 megabytes long term and 15 megabtyes short term, full access to the Internet, Unix shell access and access to our voice support system hotline.

Our core network infrastructure is currently based on very powerful UNIX based servers, guaranteeing all the power and speed needed to run a true facilities based Internet Service. Don't be fooled by many of the so-called service providers in the Western New York area which either utilize gangs of garden variety IBM PC/Compatible machines to run their networks or subcontract out their dialup services to a nameless national provider. Our only job is providing top-shelf internet services, nothing distracts us from that mission. We're running the Real McCoy, Unix servers built in house and programmed with loving care specifically for speed and reliability - the performance levels show it!

We maintain gangs of uninteruptable power supplies, a backup generator, daily data backups to different destinations, redundant internet connections, redundant authentication servers, a stock of on-site spare parts and a 24 hour a day monitoring system to ensure the highest network reliability and fault recovery possible.

The Blue Moon Internet Service is staffed by a dedicated team of professionals in the telecommunications industry, from programmers to customer service representatives, assuring you of receiving the utmost in Quality Internet Connectivity. The Blue Moon has been serving the WNY telecommunications fraternity since 1990 and we have always valued our customer's rights to service, privacy and solid value for their hard earned dollars. We believe that the true personal touch of real people that care can help to make your visits to our systems a real pleasure on each and every call.

We have always believed that the true foundation of a valuable and successful business relationship should be based on honest value and not shameless attempts to strip you out of another dollar every time you turn your head. There are no hidden costs and we don't bill you unless you actually want us to! Everything is aboveboard and up front with us, unlike the overwhelming majority of online services which seem to prefer that you not find out what your bill will actually be until you get the bad news at the end of the month. We have all heard stories from a friend about multi-hundred dollar communications service bills that were totally unexpected and arguably undeserved. That kind of thing will never happen with us.

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