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Updated Friday, 04-Feb-2022 03:12:06 EST
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02-03-2022 - Outrageous 12 Hour Outage

We had a rare extended outagwe today when our backbone circuit was disabled by a local carrier technician at one of their central office locations for unknown reasons. Despite our repeated requests to check the telco's loop interface we were effectively ignored for almost 10 hours. The actual fix took less than 10 minutes after a competent tech went through the equipment on our premises and determined all was well here. He went over to their central office location and found a diagnostic looping device in our connection's interface, which blocked our router from connecting to our backbone provider's network. He had come from Niagara Falls after we hounded the backbone provider to escalate the trouble ticket several times. At one point the local loop carrier said no techs were available until the next day in "the AM" and we went absolutely ballistic.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

10-29-2019 - New Hosting Server Is Online!

We have just put the new hosting server into production. Despite our extensive testing there are bound to be some glitches that will need to be addressed in the coming hours and days.

If you find anything to be amiss please let us know immediately with an email to newserver -AT- (replace -AT- with @ in your email software) and include the URL to the problem page so we can work on it.

Thank you for your patience!

10-03-19 - No News Is Good News

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